Sensitivity and competence with regards to terms are important during process safety studies and improvements in enterprises. Process safety is a set of engineering studies that combine different disciplines.

In this context, the process safety terms required by each engineer are collected in a single source and presented free of charge on IOS, Android and Windows platforms.


Process Safety calculations are critical both during design and in emergencies. ProSCon Engineering has started the ProSConATOR ™ software project to meet this need and eliminate the uncertainty caused by calculation errors.

When the software testing process is completed, you can download the software from the links below.


Hazard identification and risk analysis (HIRA) processes for chemical processes should be developed in different procedures and rules for each enterprise. We recommend that these rules be determined according to the operational dynamics. ProSCon Engineering has started the Hazop / LOPA Tool ™ software project to meet this need, provide easy reporting and tips and guide the risk assessment team to ensure complete HIRA work.


In the process safety studies, human error rate calculations generally proceed in a subjective framework. Accurate evaluation can be achieved by evaluating the system / human interface from the point of view of who the operator / employee is.

ProSCon Engineering has started the HRA ™ software project to meet this need and to compare different human error probability calculation tools.