Hazardous Material Response (HAZMAT)

• Which of the lower or upper level organizations will prepare the MASD?• Will scenarios using a single root cause and effect pair consider each of the possible propagation, fire and explosion incidents?

Regulation on Prevention and Mitigation of Major Industrial Accidents 2019 & SEVESO 2019

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Why is the Response to Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Important?

Different hazardous chemicals are handled in the chemical production processes performed in the establishments. Abnormalities that may occur in operations may cause leakage, spillage and overflow of equipment with hazardous substances. In order to avoid such undesirable situations, organizations are based on safe design within the framework of good engineering practices and standards from the design stage. Basic process control systems (BPCS) and safety instrument system designs (SIS), together with the right design, enable safe operations.

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How to Prepare an Intervention Card for Hazardous Materials?

In case of undesired situations, chemicals should be handled in accordance with the Safety Data Sheets. In this context, the Regulation on Prevention and Mitigation of Major Industrial Accidents necessitates the preparation of the Intervention Card for Hazardous Substances by SEVESO organizations.

SEVESO Annex-7 For Hazardous Goods Response Card;

  1. Based on the Safety Data Sheets should be prepared as a recommendation for emergency services
  2. The information on the card prepared is minimal and the intervention decisions should be made by the emergency services.
  3. No additional documents should be placed on the prepared card
  4. In the column on physical, health and environmental damages, substances and mixtures should be explained by H codes in the scope of the Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures published in the Official Gazette dated 11/12/2013 and numbered 28848.
  5. Additional information column should contain additional information which is considered to be useful for the intervention of the emergency services by the operator.
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What Does the Major Accident Scenario Document Cover?

MASD is a document in which all the works carried out by the organizations in the determination of major accident scenarios will be transferred systematically. The methods of determination of scenarios, national and / or internationally accepted techniques, selection methods of probability and frequency values ​​used, reaching the target frequency value specified in the regulation, evaluation of active and passive barriers, investment planning, functional safety calculations, validation and validation .

In addition, major industrial accidents, waste etc. to review other process safety terms, see the “ProSCon Process Safety Glossary