Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • It is an approach that helps create a safe and economical maintenance program by focusing on the safety and operational consequences of equipment and instrument failures."

Reliability Centered Maintenance - RCM

Reliability Centered Maintenance – RCM: A method used to determine appropriate error management policies for any entity in the enterprise.

Maintenance according to BS EN 13306; It is the combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions to maintain an object for the life of its object or to make it perform the necessary function. Maintenance activities include inspection, testing, measurement, fault detection, repair and parts replacement. Preventive, corrective, urgent and predetermined periodic maintenance are seen in the industry.

RCM Planı  - rcm uai 258x241 - Reliability Centered Maintenance

With the maintenance management to be established, it will reduce the downtime by providing minimum stock control of the materials used during maintenance. On the other hand, in the internal audits carried out for the management systems, maintenance planning will be possible with maintenance management supervision and training plans to increase the competence of the maintenance personnel.

In Turkey, equipment maintenance intervals are determined “Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment Regulations Terms. However, even if the requirements of this directive are fully implemented, equipment integrity losses cannot be prevented without grading according to the degree of danger. Within this scope, API RP 581 – Risk Based Inspection study published by American Petroleum Institute will focus on the effectiveness of inspection of high risk equipment and manage general risks of facilities.

It is known that in most businesses, the unit risks posed as a whole are due to a low percentage of equipment on site. Having a low percentage of the plant as a whole and having a high level of risk, the inspection and inspection of these equipment in a plan will prevent potential hazards.

Few Symptoms Demonstrating the Need for Optimization in the Care Strategy

  • Increases in unplanned maintenance and repairs
  • Direct and wholehearted commitment to manufacturer data in the maintenance strategy
  • Ignoring hidden failures in control strategies
  • Deviations from the targets set in maintenance management
  • Inability to obtain desired efficiency from the used CMMS

Tools for Reliability and Maintenance Management

  • M&OP – Maintenance & Operability
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL – BS EN 61508-5)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM – BS EN 60300-3-11)
  • Risk Based Inspection technology (RBI – API RP 580/581)
  • Fitness for Service (FFS – API 579-1/ASME FFS-1)

ProSCon Realiability Projects

  • Provides trainings with the internationally certified experts to the relevant organization personnel at all stages of the project.
  • Ensures the establishment of a multi-disciplinary work team in your organization.
  • Performs criticality analysis specific to your process.
  • Examines the root causes and effects of malfunction with the project team.
  • Together with the project team, they form preventive maintenance, control and corrective maintenance tasks based on failure result analyzes.
  • CMMS provides consultancy support to help you use your own data.
RCM Zaman Durum Grafiği  - Guvenilirlik merkezli bakim uai 258x145 - Reliability Centered Maintenance
Güvenilirlik Merkezli Bakım -RCM Grafiği
  • In addition, reliability-based maintenance – rcm, rbi and so on. to review other process safety terms, see the “ProSCon Process Safety Glossary…