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Process Safety Management

Why is Process Safety Important?
Process Safety Management practices not only help companies manage process safety risks, but also contribute to efficiency improvements and cost optimization.


Process Hazard Analysis

With Process Hazard Analysis suitable for your business, it is possible to work with high reliability and availability systems.


Reliability Centered Maintenance

What is Reliability Centered Maintenance?
It is an approach that helps create a safe and economical maintenance program by focusing on the safety and operational consequences of equipment and instrument failures.

Atmospheric Explosion

Basic Questions of Explosion Protection:
Is ex-proof equipment required?
Are my Ex-proof equipment still Ex-proof?
How much investment do I need?


Safety Report Studies

Major Accident Prevention Policy Document, Safety Report and Internal Emergency Plan prepared by lower and upper level organizations in accordance with the Regulation on Prevention and Mitigation of Major Industrial Accidents ".

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Process Safety Trainings

ProSCon Engineering trainings are organized in two forms: open-participation and business-specific in-house. All trainings are designed for maximum training efficiency through hands-on workshops.


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