About ProSCon

ProSCon Inc. applies safety management, risk management, process safety trainings, third party audits, project and investment consultancy services in the field of process safety with an engineering perspective. ProSCon Inc. aims to create a safety culture by enabling all employees to participate in the process with the trainings to be determined in accordance with the demands of the organizations. ProSCon Inc. professionals have conducted the below given ones in different industries:

  • Process safety studies in different industries,
  • Hazard Identification Studies,
  • Maintenance Applications Optimization,
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Works,
  • Risk Based Control Technology Studies,
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment Studies,
  • Protection Layer Analysis (LOPA),
  • Change Management,
  • Good practice examples in hazardous chemical depots and
  • Modeling studies.

ProSCon Inc. aims to complete all the services it provides within the scope of process safety studies with the priority of a comprehensive project management. The three main factors affecting the project plan are time, budget and quality. Any of these elements going out of schedule will adversely affect the course of the project.

ProSCon Inc. applies effective project management in its projects and does not allow deviations from the planned project, preserving the time and budget of your business and not compromising the quality of the project.


ProSCon Management System works in the field of process safety training and consultancy services to prevent industrial risks that occur in line with industrial activities by complying with applicable legal basis and customer contract terms.

ProSCon Management committed to the below given ones to achieve this goal,

  • To plan and eliminate training needs in order to raise the awareness of its employees in order to improve quality issues,
  • To follow the technological developments, to establish systems for the appropriate working environment in the project activity areas,
  • To keep resource usage at an optimum level in our services,
  • To the review of these policies by the senior management.


ProSCon has adopted the following;

  • To work with a proactive approach focused on customer satisfaction, responding to demands and needs in the shortest time and correctly
  • To work with all energy and ethical awareness in the industry to commemorate brand value with accuracy, honesty and reliability
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by using time effectively and efficiently,
  • To be responsible to the society and respect the moral and national values ​​while producing,
  • To be always ready and open to change and continuous improvement,
  • To carry out all domestic and international projects within the framework of national and international legislation, and to provide accurate information to legal regulatory agencies and institutions in a timely manner.
  • To provide honest and fair approach to its experts and to provide a safe and healthy working environment that is non-discriminatory,
  • To raise the company culture together by keeping the individual and social development of the experts in front,
  • To take into account the social outcomes of the work


  • ProSCon Inc. works with all its energy and irresistible ethical awareness in the industry in order to remember brand value with righteousness, honesty and reliability.

 Information safety

  • ProSCon Inc. is aware of the confidentiality and sensitivity inherent in the engineering projects it carries out. Therefore, confidential and non-confidential information of the project may not be made available to third parties for any reason and under any circumstances. All project documents are made available to our authorized personnel only through our online project management system.

Competition Management and Price Policy

  • ProSCon Inc. avoids agreements between competitors to fix or control prices.
  • ProSCon Inc. competes effectively only in legal and ethical fields, avoiding unfair competition.
  • ProSCon Inc. prepares project planning tables by performing preliminary studies for pricing projects and realizes pricing in accordance with the calendar.

Legal Responsibilities

  • ProSCon Inc. conducts all domestic and international projects within the framework of national and international legislation, and provides timely information to the regulatory authorities.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

  • ProSCon Inc. works with a proactive approach focused on customer satisfaction, responding to demands and needs in the shortest time and in the right way in the projects they carry out. Delivers the outputs of our services on time and under the promised conditions; treats our customers with respect, equality and courtesy.
  • ProSCon Inc. conducts cost-based work in all projects in line with basic engineering ethics.

Responsibilities Towards Our Experts

  • ProSCon Inc. treats its professionals honestly and fairly, committed to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. It aims to raise the company culture together by keeping the individual and social development of experts in the foreground.
  • ProSCon Inc. supports the continuous development of its experts to keep pace with technological development.

Responsibilities towards our suppliers and business partners

  • ProSCon Inc. shows its sensitivity to its customers to its business partners. Fulfills the obligations to our business partners in a timely manner and carefully protects their confidential information.

Social Responsibility

  • ProSCon Inc. works by taking into consideration the social outputs of its activities.
  • ProSCon Inc. works for the development of the profession and industry within the framework of corporate social responsibility principle.
  • ProSCon Inc. supports its experts to volunteer for appropriate social and community activities with a sense of social responsibility.

Career at ProSCon Engineering

ProSCon Engineering was established to increase the awareness of process safety and safety culture in the engineering base in the industry. We want to work together with people who want to take part in our projects, who are open to continuous development and who have high social responsibility awareness and we want to put forward a model to support our experts to keep up with technological development. The aim of ProSCon Inc. is to create equal opportunities for all, to ensure growth together and to make remuneration based on performance and competence.

You can send your CV to join ProSCon experts. Before submitting your resume, please review our Code of Ethics.


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